TX wheelchair ramp

Fold-away wheelchair ramp

The easy to use, strong ramp is designed to ensure easy access for wheelchair passengers. Entry is further aided by the shallow ramp angle of just 11 degrees (to a typical kerb). Prominent lips to each edge help to ensure the wheelchair’s trajectory and prevent the wheels from leaving the ramp.

Folding Integrated Step

The integrated wheelchair ramp houses a clever folding mechanism which quickly transforms it into an access step, reducing the step height by half enabling passengers to exit the vehicle with greater ease.

TX Swivel Seat

Unique Swivel Seat

Sometimes restricted mobility impacts the ability to twist so to provide easier entry and exit, the TX features an easily accessible swivel seat which pivots outside the vehicle for better access.

barrier-free e-Taxi TX

High visibility contrasting grab handles & seat edges

Bright, non-slip handles to aid the entry and exit of all passengers, especially those with limited vision, while colourful seat edges help ensure passengers safely find their seat upon entry.

TX loud & clear

Loud & clear

Once inside, the digital intercom features an induction loop, allowing hearing aid wearers to listen to the driver clearly, the channel is also marked on both sides of the vehicle with visible labelling.

Furthermore, passengers are able to communicate visually with drivers thanks to the clear partition screen.

TX slip-resistant material

Sure footing

The interior floor is completely flat, without intrusion, and covered in a slip-resistant material. Thanks to generous internal dimensions there is sufficient room to easily rotate the wheelchair user into a comfortable forward-facing position.

TX wheelchair ramp
Restraints wheel chair


Wheelchair users may remain in their wheelchair when travelling in TX thanks to our comprehensive restraint system in-line with the ISO 10542 standard.


Bright LED lighting has been used throughout, from floor lighting, puddle lamps and even reading lamps which can be adjusted for brightness by simply pressing and holding the on/off button.

Large door aperture

The rear-hinged passenger door opens a full 90 degrees to create a large, un-obtruded aperture with a minimum width at its narrowest point of 80cm.

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