TX charging

CCS DC rapid charging up to 50kW

CHAdeMO DC rapid charging up to 50kW (optional)

Type 2 AC charging up to 22kW

Less downtime, more time on the road

The table below shows typical charging times for LEVC products.








Home (domestic socket)


8 hours

10 hours


Wall box


3 hours

3 hours 45 min


On street (fast)


On street (fast)

On street (fast)



1 hour

1 hour 15 min


On street (rapid)


25 min

30 min

VN5 electric van

Fast on-street charging

Ideal for topping up the battery during the day.

Drivers can recharge 80% of the battery during a quick 30 minute lunch break – that’s the equivalent of 50 miles electric range.

Unlike other electric vehicles, the dual on-board inverter chargers in LEVC electric vehicles allow drivers to harness the full charging rate available – meaning the vehicle can use all of the available current to recharge the battery quicker.

Home charging

The easiest & cheapest way to charge your EV.

To facilitate charging at home we’ve partnered with industry leading suppliers BP Pulse in England and EO Charging in Scotland to provide a reliable, affordable one stop solution for owners.

Through these partnerships a 7kW ‘Smart’ home charger wall box costs just £359 in England and £59 in Scotland.

Utilising a ‘Smart’ home charger, owners have the added benefit of being able to schedule charging events to take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs.

Charging overnight at the national average electricity price of 12p per kW, a full charge would cost around £3. However, if you take advantage of overnight off-peak energy tariffs the cost to charge can be significantly less.

Discover where your nearest charge points are

We’ve partnered with Zap-Map to make it easier for you to locate the nearest charge points to you or on your typical journey – helping you maximise the savings available from driving on electric power.

Our interactive map, viewable in a web browser or using an iOS or Android app, lets you navigate the public EV charge network, view connector type, charging speeds, comments from other users, and even get a live status update on individual charge points.

LEVC are working with local authorities and government regulators to install dedicated taxi infrastructure.

Have your say where charge points are installed

The first ever engagement campaign of its kind: Powermystreet offering all Londoners the possibility to choose their preferred on-street location for new electric taxi charge points.

Supported by Source London, London’s leading charge point provider, this initiative will ensure that locations are chosen strategically to suit your needs.

Powermystreet will collaborate closely with all of London’s Boroughs to facilitate the installation of charge points in areas of high demand and accelerate the development of the existing infrastructure.

Compare running costs

By maximising the range offered driving on battery electrical energy drivers of our current model can achieve a typical fuel saving of approx. £100/week. Compare the running costs of TX against those of your current taxi.

eCity technology

Learn about our range-extended electric, zero-emissions capable technology which reduces running costs & gives drivers unrivalled range flexibility.

*Charging times quoted are in optimal conditions and may vary.

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