LEVC products are battery electric vehicles, driven exclusively by electricity, that feature an additional on-board generator (a small 1.5 litre petrol engine) known as a ‘range extender’.

The range-extender recharges the battery, when required, to provide greater usability and flexibility that pure electric operation.

Always electrically driven, there is no connection between the on-board generator and the rear wheels. The range-extender only acts as a power source to provide electricity to the battery, extending the driving range.

Three intuitive drive modes

Pure EV

Pure EV mode disables the range-extender and uses only electric power, producing zero-emissions.

A very effective option for inner-city driving.

If your battery becomes depleted, an indicator will advise you to select a different driving mode. This mode is only available when the battery has sufficient charge.


The default operating mode operates the vehicle in the most efficient way by depleting the battery as much as possible before engaging the range-extender.

In this mode the vehicle intuitively activities the range-extender as the battery charge decreases.

It is particularly useful for longer intercity journeys, driving at higher speeds where pure-electric propulsion is less efficient.


The vehicle operates using the range-extender to conserve the battery’s charge at its current level, for use at a later time.

By using Save mode, a driver could commute to the city using the range-extender and reserve their battery energy for emission-free driving in the city.

Owner reviews

“Even I was shocked to find my fuel costs have fallen from 23p per mile (TX4 Euro6) to 8.31p per mile (in the TX3). Meaning a saving on 10,000 miles would be a massive £1469.00…I couldn’t be happier”

“Best cab there is, saving a fortune and not doing extra hours to do it.”

“First week shift finished…last week fuel bill was £165 this week it’s £50 (£22.00 electric £28.00 petrol) saved £115”

*Pure EV range of 60.9.5 miles / 98 km, official EAER (Equivalent All Electric Range) figure, achieved under WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) test conditions.

**Pure EV range of 62.5 miles / 101 km, official EAER figure, achieved under WLTP test conditions.

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